Streetscape Enhancements at Tantallon Crossroads, Nova Scotia

Streetscape Enhancements at Tantallon Crossroads. Here I'm working in a voluntary capacity with the business community and several non-profit organizations of the St. Margaret's Bay area to visually enhance a busy commuter strip of highway. The photographs show a pedestrian path and tree planting. 2017 is year two of a four-year plan.

Dunlop Courtyard

The residents wanted a sheltered garden to enhance the area between the house and the garage. Existing granite boulders were repositioned to create raised garden beds and a gravel path. A dry creek bed was created to channel the intermittent surface water that moved through the area.  Relocating a few rhododendrons opened up the view. Year two will bring the covered deck and more plantings.


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New path Nov '17

This is where the new path connects with last years path