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The following service options are provided to clients. They include on-site consultation, preparation of landscape plans and documents, sourcing of specialty items, and site liaison with contractors during the installation phase.

Garden Path

On Site Consultation

An onsite consultation involves a prearranged meeting with the landscape designer on site to discuss your landscaping project.

The consultaion fee is charged on an hourly basis. A minimum of one hour on site is required and travel costs to the site may be applied.

To make the maximum use of this opportunity to discuss your ideas or concerns it is advisable to discuss the goals of the visit so that I can bring along support materials to address your specific concerns.

Services Provided at $100.00 per hour.

Legal Research and Writing

Landscape Plans and Documents

There are different types of landscape plans and documents depending on the size and nature of the project or whether it is a DIY or contractor built plan.

All designs include a site inventory and creation of a base plan. This is done in combination with a site analysis and understanding what you, the client, need (the needs analysis) to accomplish your goals.

Then we get into what details are required to install the plan. These may include site grading and drainage plans, plant and hard surface details and special details plans for lighting, pools, walls, decks, etc.

The range of landscape design plans and documents will be determined in conjunction with the client.

Working with Coffee

Sourcing Specialty Plants and Products

Creating a great landscape design is all about the details. One plant is not the same as the next. Providing a service to hand pick and tag the specimen plantings makes a significant difference in the quality of the end product. I can source high-quality specimen plants and products that bring the intent of the design to life.

Business Partners at Work

Site Liaison with Contractors during Installation​

I offer a service to liaise between the contractor and the client to ensure that site installation quality is kept consistent throughout the installation process. In a typical installation, some of the subcontractors don't have copies of the original landscape plans and don't know how their work may affect someone else

In larger installations, it is useful to have the designer available to the general and subcontractors at key points in the installation process to ensure continuity, efficiency, plant spacing and quality of the end product.

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