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Introducing our new colleague!

Yifang Hu is an assistant landscape designer and illustrator working at Anita Jackson Landscape Design. After finishing his study of landscape architecture in China, he came to Canada to experience the different culture of design. He chose to study community design at Dalhousie University and got his degree last summer. He has both landscape architecture and planning backgrounds.

Photo by Yifang’s parents.

He is passionate about design; not only the result, but also the process. He thinks illustrating is a good start for the design since it helps capture the aesthetics from a unique angle. He always carries pens and papers to go recording the beautiful world, which also helps bring inspirations to his own design.

Sketch of NSCAD by Yifang Hu.

He also has strong interest in using software to concrete his design concept. Having been trained in the university, he is familiar with AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Lumion and apply his skills in real projects.

Rendered picture of the wharf design. Design by Anita Jackson. Rendered by Yifang Hu.

He believes that as a fresh landscape designer, he still has a long way to go. He is looking forward to the exciting landscape design projects of the 2019 season.


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